Computer Services

SemperTekz provide in-home or in-office service throughout Paris and Henry county and beyond. If you do not live in Paris or Henry County and wonder if we can provide you service, contact us and ask.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Viruses & Spyware (Malware Removal)

   Malware will stop you dead, destroy data, block internet access, infect others through your email, slow, and eventually cripple your PC. Software to protect you from these threats is not an option; it’s mandatory. We will explain your options and make sure you’re protected. If you’ve already suffered the consequences, we'll kill the bugs, get you back to work, and minimize your odds of future infections.

  • Computer Setup & Configuration

   If you’re intimidated by the three or four boxes that your new PC came in, We can unpack it, connect everything, and make sure it all works. we'll do all the software updates, hook up your printer, and make sure you’re up and running, glitch-free and confident, with free, useful tools that will enhance your protection and productivity.

  • Custom Computer Construction

   The profit margin on computers from Dell, Gateway, HP, and the like is razor thin. These PCs are sometimes fair value for the money, but manufacturers cut corners to lower costs. Software makers pay the computer companies to include crippled and demo versions of their software on the new machines, in effect subsidizing the cost. This software can be hard to remove and typically presents a constant nagging at the user. Furthermore, these PCs use some proprietary parts, which means a long service call to India while you explain that your PC isn’t working. Then you wait, sometimes many days, for the part to be shipped, and then you need to have it installed! We build top-quality computers, tailored to the clients’ exact needs, using only the best non-proprietary parts, with much longer warranties than the big manufacturers. If a component fails, you’re up and running again, usually in a few hours. This is a great option if you can’t afford days of downtime.

  • Data Backup Solutions

   When (not if) your computer dies and your data, documents, photos, and music may no longer be available to you, what will you do? If you don’t have these items backed up safely you will curse yourself. If this data is indispensable, you can turn to a data recovery service, but these guys charge by how much you’re sweating when you walk in the door. The bill can be thousands of dollars, and there is no guarantee that they can recover all your data. Backups are critically important. We make it invisible and automatic!

  • Email & Internet Setup

   Cable, DSL or satellite, know your options before you’re roped into a contract! We’ll configure your internet access and help you find the email solution that’s right for you. We also provide the level of assistance you need to feel comfortable and efficient in your email and browsing activities, all customized to your unique requirements. Most folks don’t know how to personalize and optimize their online activities, but trust us, we can make your life easier and your work more efficient!

  • Hardware & Software Consultation

   If your computer does everything you need it to do and it’s six years old, you do NOT need a new one, no matter what the ads tells you. But every few years most of us do. Usually the old one breaks catastrophically (see Data Backup above) and fixing it may mean throwing good money away. We can help you find the perfect PC after evaluating your personal, specific requirements. Don’t get suckered into a PC that is more than you will ever need. we’ll also help you find the right printer, camera, audio components, etc. And remember, we am not in the business of selling hardware for Best Buy or Circuit City, or anyone else.

  • Networking

  If you have two or more computers in your home or business, or a desktop PC and a laptop, they should be sharing resources––like files, an internet connection, or a printer. Networking comes in two flavors, wired and wireless. Wireless networking, among other things, allows you to take your laptop anywhere in the house, even outside, while you’re wirelessly connected to the internet, your email, and other PCs on the network. It can be a very liberating feeling. Walk into your office and your laptop connects to your office computer, allowing you to share and update files and use your office internet connection.

If you have any questions or need an idea of cost for your project, please feel free to contact us.